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Camera-based ink scanner

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article image Includes automatic calibration checks.

OPTEST have manufactured the Paprican Ink Scanner to rapidly and precisely determine the residual ink in paper or board.

Available from IDM Instruments, this camera based image analyser measures the ink remaining in pulp and paper during and after recycling or de-inking.

The instrument illuminates the specimen with a diffuse far-red (680nm) light that eliminates false detections.

It incorporates a state-of-the-art detector to collect and directly transmit the digital image to the processor for analysis, with all adjustments made automatically.

Advantages of the Paprican Ink Scanner include:

* Fast testing with automatic stage cycling (one second or less per field)

* No manual adjustments of focus or threshold, ensuring high precision

* Automatic calibration checks

* Full image view and analysis.

The Paprican Ink Scanner is two instruments in one - it will analyse individual specks larger than 8µm and report changes in the size distributions.

The Ink Scanner operates as a reflectometer, at 680nm for sizes below 8µm.

Changes in the residual ink concentration cause changes in the background reflectance measured by the Ink Scanner.

The Ink Scanner can be used on a wide range of paper or board samples meeting the following criteria:

* Ply grammage 15g/m²

* Thickness 5mm

* Brightness ranges 35% to 99%.

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