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CNC milling machine includes new features

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article image Includes high spindle speeds.

IDM Instruments have added new features to their state-of-the-art CNC Milling Machine.

In an era that is constantly changing, so too is the manufacturing industry and most importantly, the machinery within this sector. IDM have adapted to this need to change to meet industry standards in the area of CNC milling.

IDM’s latest CNC Milling Machine features a large working table, high spindle speeds and feeds that reduce machining time, which ultimately means a shorter delivery period and lower costs for customers.

Using the highest quality European tooling, the machine gives customers the best results achievable.

The machine also has engraving capabilities to give parts that professional look other machines lack.

IDM has over 10 years of programming experience and with the high-tech computer programming aspect on the CNC machine, IDM ensures a quick turn around time.

IDM can undertake minor jobs as well as complex tasks to precise measurements. There is no job too small or too complex that IDM won't be able to carry out.

IDM have been in manufacturing for over 35 years and our understanding of customer's needs and applications has grown extensively.

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