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THE box opening pressure tester from IDM Instruments has been designed and manufactured to measure the opening force of flat stacked carton boxes from a flattened position.

Such knowledge is useful development or quality control of cartons during production, therefore speeding up the production set up time.

When a test has completed, the maximum pressure required to open the box is locked into the digital display for user evaluation. The maximum force capacity is 5kg with a resolution to 1g.

The top cross bar is height adjustable to allow testing of various size boxes from as little as 50mm to as large as 300mm as standard. The maximum height for larger boxes can be manufactured to suit as requested.

With a single speed belt drive, testing is performed at a constant rate of 250mm/min.

This instrument is a fully microprocessor controlled instrument having the following functions:

* Continuous load measurement.

* Peak load indication and hold.

* Zero set adjustment (tear).

* Data output (optional) RS323.

Although it comes fitted with standard "V" type fixtures, speciality fixtures are available to suit customer requirements.

The 240V ac 10A 50Hz power requirement allows the placement of the tester near any standard power outlet.

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