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Accurate and precise fibre analyser

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article image Measure length, width, curl and kink.

OPTEST, a Canadian based company specialising in image analysis, has released the HiRes Fibre Quality Analyser (FQA), available in Australia from IDM Instruments .

With accuracy and precision the HiRes Fibre Quality Analyser rapidly and simultaneously measures fibre length, width, curl and kink, for fibres up to 10mm.

The HiRes FQA can also analyse shives and detect vessel elements during testing. It complies to TAPPI Standard T271, PAPTAC Standard B.4 and ISO Standard 16065-1.

The two important measures of fibre shape are the curl and kink. Changes to the fibre length and shape occur during pulping and bleaching process. These changes can significantly affect the quality and performance of the final product.

Once this information is obtained, it is used to optimise fibre properties and identify the source of fibre damage.

The key feature capturing the Australian market is the patent flow cell, which resists plugging or fouling and orients fibres for correct image analysis.

This allows for easier measurement of difficult pulps without pre-screening or treatment. Such pulps include high shive content pulp, mechanical pulp, linerboard pulp, diaper fluff and pulps with high flocculation propensity, recycled fibres, and non-wood (plant) fibres and long synthetic fibres.

The FQA uses a single high resolution camera that measures all fibre properties at once. The whole sample is drawn from the beaker and then used in determining the coarseness.

The FQA uses a touch screen computer which allows the user to select the tests to run; the information they want displayed and reported. Each individual measurement of fibre is stored, and can then be exported to remote locations for additional analysis (via LAN or USB port).

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