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RFID technology from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS helps SFS unimarket to win Swiss Logistics Award

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The Swiss Competence Center of GS1 (Global Standard Ones), annually present the Swiss Logistics Award to an organization that has developed a trendsetting logistic solution. In 2008 the award went to SFS unimarket AG, for the logistic solution “turnLOG” which was jointly developed with another solution provider, IntellionAG.

The essence of  “turnLOG” is the optimisation of repeat orders for small parts, with the technical basis of the system comprised of active RFID products from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. The award shows that active RFID technology is a versatile tool for various industries and applications.

Small parts such as nails, dowels or screws – so called C-parts, are essential for production. Although the merchandise value is low, they require significant maintenance when it comes to stock management - with repeat orders being particularly time consuming. As a supplier of screws, tools, fixtures and chemical-technical products, it was important for SFS unimarket, to facilitate the buying process of C-parts in an effective way, the wireless RFID technology seemed to be the solution. Intellion, together in collaboration with SFS unimarket and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS developed the system “turnLog.”

Each container in the storage rack is equipped with an RFID transponder. As soon as the stock runs low, an employee turns the box upside-down, which signals an order. The technical core of the solution is based on the RFID technology of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. As a result of this rotation, an automatic refill order is triggered. The implementation of wireless identification leads to a precise process, which reduces the operating costs compared to conventional systems using bar codes or weighing systems.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS are represented by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Australia .

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