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IDEC  present PLCs designed to meet changing control automation needs. PLCs from IDEC feature high safety standards, value and flexibility. These PLCs are effective space saving units, are easy to maintain and sport powerful programming features.

PLCs provided by IDEC include:

Nano PLCs

  • Compact, expandable CPU
  • Able to replace multiple timers, relays and counters
  • Real-time clock and calendar
  • Optional I/O module expansion support to enhance control and monitoring
  • 'Smart' on-board buttons and display interface and software can program and edit operations easily
Microsmart Pentra PLCs
  • Considerably cuts development time
  • Easy to use, repair and maintain
  • Spare part-free unit
  • Fast response, better throughput, reduced waste and less downtime
Microsmart PLCs
  • Available with built-in 10, 16 and 24 I/O All-in-one units and 20 and 40 I/O slim style models
  • Compact and rugged housing
  • Compliant with all major international standards
  • CPUs equipped with standard power supply circuit, 4 high speed counters, analogue potentiometer and password protection
OpenNet Controller PLCs
  • 16k words user program capacity
  • Allows users to store, transfer and upgrade program memory using miniature flash card
  • Can handle up to digital 480 I/O, 42 Analogue I/O
  • 512 remote I/O using the Interbus-S network
  • Superior communication flexibility
The range of PLCs from IDEC are fully featured to provide robust and efficient performances.

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