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Small-sized package shaker

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article image The VMX-1100 package shaker.

THE VMX-1100 package shaker from Regmed is a small-sized package shaker designed for the laboratory simulation of typical hazards present in distribution environments according to standard ASTM D-999/A1.

Distributed in Australia by IDC Instruments , Regmed products are manufactured by a Brazilian company specialising in testing equipment for the pulp and paper industries.

The VMX-1100 has a rigid 500 x 500mm platform with adjustable restraining fences that moves in a 25.4mm peak to peak vertical sinusoidal motion and applies a uniform vibration input over the entire test specimen which can be up to 75kg.

The vibration frequency is adjustable with the range of 2-5Hz (120-300rpm) so user can test a package under its resonance frequency, achieving maximal destructive performance in minimal test periods.

The VMX-1100 enables the assessment of external and internal packaging and other typical hazards present in the distribution environment.

Rugged machine design with remote control panel ensures a reliable and comfortable operation with maximum durability and minimum maintenance.

Special custom made restraining fences are available upon request.

Power Supply: 220V ac, 50/60Hz, 1.25kW, three or single phase. Dimensions: 600 x 1000 x 100mm (HxWxD). Weight: 180kg net/240kg gross.

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