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Local server management and remote products from ICP Global

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Incorporated in 1991, ICP Global strives to offer innovative and competitive products to its customers. The products have been designed after conducting intensive research and the products have been designed to provide rapid turnaround of customised industrial computers. Apart from this, the customers are provided with reliable and scalable solutions.

The local server management and remote products offered by ICP Global includes enterprise IT management solutions, digital and analogue KVM management switches, KVM rack drawers and KVM extenders. All these products are available at any time and the customers can order and buy as and when they require.

ICP Global has partnered with AVOCENT CCD and GEFEN and together they provide a wide range of AV and serial extension and broadcast services to the customers.

The quality management procedures of ICP Global ensure that a professional environment is maintained. The products are designed complying with the relevant standards and ICP Global has also been accredited with ISO-9001:2000 certification. The products offered are custom designed by ICP Global with its own in house assembly, manufacturing and design facility so as to match individual demands.

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