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The IVCE-C604 video/audio capture card from ICP Electronics Australia

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article image PCIe video/ audio capture card with 4 channel video/ audio input, total 120fps@D1.
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ICP Electronics Australia announces the release of the IVCE-C604, a PCIe video/audio capture card, from IEI Technology.

IEI Technology’s IVCE-C604 is a single card 4-channel solution. The IVCE-C604 supports four channels video/audio input and two channels video output and one channel audio output.

Features and benefits of the IVCE-C604 capture card:

  • The PCI Express interface produces a high bandwidth and excellent performance
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux OS systems
  • Rotatable switch for easy card changeability
  • Support up to sixty-four channels video and audio input ;and
  • SDK available for customer to create customized application.
ICP Electronics Australia offer an optional GPIO board with the IVCE-C604 video/audio capture card. This features an additional 4 bits input and 4 bits output.

The IVCE-C604 is versatile and ideal for multiple industries applications.

Applications of the IVCE-C604:

  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Automotive video surveillance
  • Banking security
  • Building, airport and road surveillance
  • Industrial automatic inspection systems;and
  • Face detection, reorganisation, and identification.

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