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ICP Electronics has announced the release of the Slimline 17" TFT LCD Panel PC, the PPC-5070.

A flexible design allows the Panel PC to be wall, panel, arm or rack-mounted making the unit suitable for a range of applications.

The PPC-5070 is equipped with a 200W industrial ATX power supply with power factor correction (PFC).

The PC features an embedded single board computer supporting a Celeron / Pentium III CPU or an onboard VIA Eden CPU.

The PPC-5070 features a modular design with versatile options for different combinations such as an aluminium or plastic front panel and choice of embedded boards.

The large view screen provides a higher resolution without sacrificing the slimline design, this has been achieved through the use of slim floppy and CDROM drives.

In addition, the unit provides the capacity for one half-size PCI slot.

The front panel of the PPC-5070 meets the IP65 protection rating (resistant to dust and liquid). The PC is available with a plastic or aluminium front panel and optional resistive or capacitive touch screen.

The PPC-5070 has been optimised to provide high performance in professional multimedia and business communication applications.

Its slim design, 17" high resolution TFT LCD screen, full function embedded computer board and optional touch screen make this unit highly suitable for such applications as control rooms, interactive kiosks, point of information (POI) terminals and point of sale (POS) terminals.

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