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article image The NAS-2000 network attached storage device.
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ICP Electronics Australia has announced the release of a rackmount network attached storage device, the NAS-2000. This unit is a compact data centre with one of the best design solutions for SME network storage.

The NAS-2000 is a suitable file server solution for space-limited applications. The small footprint and 1U rackmountable or desktop design makes it a suitable portable server for telecommuting, trade shows or a network server room environment.

The mounting kit, equipped with the storage device, can be easily used to convert the unit for use in an industrial standard 19" rack enclosure. This device can also be used to provide access to standardised drive images and software configurations from remote locations.

The NAS-2000 is available in 80GB, 160GB and 240GB storage capacities. The capacity can be easily upgraded by a simple connection via a LAN. Disk management is available in RAID 0 (stripping, no parity), RAID 1 (mirroring) data protection or JBOD (individual independent disks).

The network file protocol supports Microsoft Networks (CIFS/SMB), Apple (AFP), UNIX (NFS) and internet (web browser) that gives remote clients ease of access via a web browser from any location around the world.

The embedded OS supports automatic IP address assignment utilising DHCP to help minimise setup time and management costs.

The NAS-2000 delivers full multi-platform file sharing in Windows, Unix/Linux, and Macintosh environments. Simply plug in the power and turn it on.

The efficient hardware design and the maturity of the embedded OS make the NAS-2000 extremely reliable, robust and cost effective. ICP Electronics 02 9457 6011.

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