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Low profile rackmount embedded chassis

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article image ICP’s 19” rackmount chassis.

ICP Electronics Australia has released the latest addition to its comprehensive range of low profile 19" rackmount chassis, the Rack-2320, Rack-2330 And Rack-2000. These embedded chassis are 1U/2U high and are suitable for use in high-density applications such as internet/intranet.

This low profile series of chassis is designed to accept ICP's comprehensive range of full-length single board computers. In addition, the 1U chassis can accept two PCI add-on cards and the 2U chassis can accept up to five PCI cards (dependent on backplane).

The Rack-2330 features a 2x20 character LCD panel that displays programmable information and an alarm message. Equipped with a self-monitoring function, the Rack-2330's A106 alarm board monitors temperature and fans.

The Rack-2330 and Rack-2320 are designed for 1U embedded applications. Prevention of unauthorised access has been achieved with the elimination of the I/O devices (floppy disk and CD-ROM drives), thus providing a compact embedded solution for remotely controlled applications that can be monitored via a network.

The Rack-2330 and Rack-2320 are equipped with a 150W ATX power supply (including optional PFC function for greater efficiency). The power supply can be set up to provide a Wake-On-LAN or a Wake-On-Modem function, increasing the features of the system.

The Rack-2000 is an advance 2U rackmount chassis and features a lockable door on the front panel to protect against unauthorised access to the disk drives and power switch.

The chassis supports one 3.5" floppy disk, one 5.25" CD-ROM and two 3.5" hard disk drives. ICP Electronics 02 9457 6011.

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