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ICP Electronics Australia introduces WISE-5800 web-based intelligent data logger PAC controllers

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ICP Electronics Australia presents the WISE-5800 from ICP DAS, a new range of intelligent web-based data logger PAC controllers designed for remote monitoring applications.  

Incorporating various functions such as automatic logic control and remote monitoring, the WISE-5800 does not require programming, taking only a few clicks on a web page via a browser to implement logic control settings.  

The Rule Engine will check whether the rules are valid or not and determine the execution of actions under specific conditions including setting up I/O channel values, performing scheduled or timer tasks, or sending an email message/CGI command under specific conditions.  

Additionally, it allows integration with SCADA packages through the Modbus TCP protocol to give real-time control and monitoring of I/O channels or system status on WISE controllers.  

WISE-5800 PAC controllers provide more support in I/O functions. For instance, it allows the user to connect with a wide range of XW-boards and I-7000 remote I/O modules that enables users to freely choose the most suitable I/O modules in applications.  

With the microSD card, the WISE-5800 controllers provide data logger function to record the I/O data of the controller in real-time and send the data files by FTP or email to the control centre for further administration management or data analysis with the data files being sent either at a scheduled time or under specific conditions.  

WISE-5800 PAC controllers also support SNTP protocol to connect with SNTP Time Server for Time Synchronisation through network to ensure accurate system time settings.

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