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ICP Electronics Australia Releases Fanless Ultra Compact Embedded System

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IEI (ICP Electronics Inc), distributed in Australia by ICP Electronics Australia has announced the release of the uIBX-200-R10/Z510P ultra compact fanless embedded system with an Intel Atom Z510P processor.  

The chipset in the uIBX-200-R10/Z510P fanless embedded system has built-in H.264, MPEG1/2/4, VC1/WMV9 decoder, which is capable of displaying high resolution multimedia advertisements. Content can be updated through the internet remotely, or directly from a USB device or files stored in SD memory.  

The content is stored in a SD card and operating system is installed in a CompactFlash card. It prevents OS damage when users frequently read or write content from or to the same disk. The lockable door also can avoid the CF from unauthorised access.  

The uIBX-200-VX800 has all essential functions to work as a thin client in a production line. Operators can read the assembly SOP and search the part number online as well as get constant updates of the production schedule and other instructions from management.  

During production, the component barcode can be collected by a barcode scanner and updated to the server either by batch or via LAN or WiFi connection. A webcam can also be installed to collect image data during the production process whenever necessary.  

The power consumption of Intel US15WP running with 3DMark under Windows XP is 40% lower than some of its counterparts. With its built-in multimedia decoding engine, the uIBX-200-US15WP can play an HD H.264 movie smoothly while the CPU still has memory available to handle more tasks.  

The compact size (120mm W x 125mm D x 44mm H) of the uIBX-200 fanless embedded system makes it very flexible for applications with limited space. With the optional uIBXVK-200B double side VESA75 mount kit, uIBX-200 can be installed between display stands and display monitors. Its quiet, fanless operation is also ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as museums and libraries.

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