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AGP graphics solution for SBCs

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article image ICP’s SBC -- provides an extra AGP slot.
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ICP Electronics has announced the launch of its latest range of PIAGP single board computers and backplanes featuring AGP graphics capabilities.

These boards have been designed to meet the increasing need for powerful graphics capabilities within the industrial PC industry.

Until now PICMG SBCs have offered only a limited graphics function. With this ever-increasing demand for better graphics capabilities within the industrial PC environment, a powerful AGP bus structure has emerged.

ICP has released a series of SBCs with PIAGP bus interfaces providing an AGP signal which is transformed to PIAGP on the backplane via a "Golden Finger".

This structure provides an extra AGP slot for those applications needing high-speed VGA adapters.

The built-in 4X dedicated graphic bus (1056MB/s) on the backplane works smoothly with the latest VGA graphics accelerators, which are readily available in the market.

ICP's flexible architecture allows the PIAGP backplane to provide both an AGP and a PCI interface slot to transmit the I/O signal to the backplane.

This means users can integrate this new technology structure when required, without the need to upgrade the complete system. This offers an ideal cost-effective hardware upgrade solution.

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