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ICP Digital Signage has introduced NDSP-500, a turnkey digital signage solution that allows to design, edit, schedule, transfer and broadcast creative marketing messages. With NDSP, communication with the target audience has never been easier.

Showing dazzling multimedia advertisements to the public is no longer a privilege of Fortune 500 enterprises. With the NDSP-500, everybody can have an advertisement TV station of their own.

Advantages of the NDSP-500 include:

Multi zone layout supporting full spectrum of media formats
Flexible scheduling arrangement to convey the right message to focused target audience
Realtime video/audio input
Allows 1:1 display with any size of CRT, LCD or plasma screens
Store content in CF card, USB disk, or Hard Drive, providing operation convenience
Update content by CF Card or over the LAN
Supports both portrait and landscape display mode

Supporting one of the comprehensive range of resolution and video output modes, NDSP-500 matches all kinds of displays with DVI, AV-video, S-video, VGA, Component output modes, providing maximum freedom of choice. Furthermore, with the intuitive iDS Designer software provided with the NDSP-500, users can quickly and easily create and customise playlists and schedules, to present specific information to the right people at the right time.

The IEI NDSP allows users to easily design advertisements and communicate to their target audience.

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