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ICM Components is a company supplying Semiconductor and Passive Components, stocking most surface mount packages in I.C and Capacitors. Diodes, mosfets, rectifiers, regulators, thyristors, triacs, 2N series, 2SA, 2Sb, 2sc, 2sd transistors.


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05/08/08 - The new LISx44ALH series of analogue-output accelerometers, from ICM Components, have enhanced motion sensor performance in small packages. The LISx44ALH series of analogue-output accelerometers combine the benefits of space saving and power consumpt
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09/04/08 - ICM Components offers its clients in Australia with a wide range of products related to the semiconductor and electronic parts industry
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08/04/08 - ICM Components is based in Australia and has been providing a range of semiconductor components and other electronic goods to various customers for over fifteen years
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07/04/08 - ICM Components is an Australian company that supplies a broad range of semiconductors and passive electronic components and also stocks many surface mount packages in integrated circuits and capacitors
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ICM Components (Head office) Update these details
Unit 9A
10 Pioneer Ave
NSW 2120
Tel: 02 9980 9746
Fax: 02 9980 9788

ICM Components Brands

Agilent AMD Analog Devices Atmel Catalyst Cypress Dallas Elpida Fairchild Freescale Hitachi IDT Infineon Intel IR Issi Microchip Micron National NEC OM Semi Panasonic Philips Renesas ST Micro T.I. Toshiba Vishay Zilog

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