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ERP solutions provided by ICICI Infotech

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ICICI Infotech  provides a range of ERP solutions. ICICI Infotech’s ERP solutions consists of various modules which help to integrate all the departments of an organisation. Some of the modules included in the ERP solution provided by ICICI Infotech include Enterprise Financials, Enterprise Procurement, Enterprise Sales, Enterprise Inventory, Enterprise Warehouse, Enterprise Manufacturing, Enterprise Asset Management and so on.

Some of the sub-modules under Enterprise Financials module of ERP solutions provided by ICICI Infotech include general ledger, budgeting, bank reconciliation, accounts receivables and accounts payable.

ICICI Infotech also provides an effective warehouse management system which can reduce human errors by preventing product from being putaway in the wrong location, picking the wrong product, or picking the correct product but in the wrong quantity. Additionally warehouse management system provided by ICICI Infotech can increase the productivity of the warehouse by reducing traveling time, maximizing the use of available space and suggesting moves for better space utilization.

ICICI Infotech also provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which is a premier Enterprise Relationship Management system and enables clients to develop better relationship with their customers, suppliers, business partners and employees. ICICI Infotech’s Customer Relationship Management Consulting facilitator provides a common, online, interactive medium which enables collaboration and interaction amongst all thestakeholders.

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