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Safety kit reduces vehicular accidents

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ICG Automation and Conveying has announced the release of the Vehicle Safety Detector Kit. The new kit addresses many of the safety issues that can cause both pedestrian and operator accidents.

The first part of the kit comprises the Third Eye safety reversing sensor, which unlike normal reversing beepers can detect the distance the vehicle is away from an object.

The detector then varies the beeping tone at according to the distance to the object.

The second part of the kit provides a CCTV system with LCD monitor and up to two colour cameras as required providing visual scanning of the area behind the vehicle and working in conjunction with the Third Eye reversing indicator to provide the sight and distance indication to the operator.

The third and part of the detector kit when fitted to forklift trucks and other similar mobile plant is the 'Operator Safety Test CD'. This allows an assessment to be made of the operator’s knowledge of safety issues.

This is a useful tool not only for existing operators, but also for checking applicants who are seeking employment as an operator.

Part of a comprehensive 'Safety Awareness Training Pack', available through ICG Automation, the CD allows test papers to be printed as required.

It also contains a short training course on operator responsibilities, forming an ideal starting point for any company safety training programme.

The CD is an integral part of the of the safety package because no amount of safety sensors will stop inexperienced operators from causing accidents.

The safety detector kit is suitable for a range of equipment such as forklift, order pickers sweepers, tow tractors, road trucks, semi-trailers, vans and indeed any mobile equipment, ground support equipment, army vehicles, 4-wheel drives, caravans, rough terrain vehicles, and many other types.

ICG Automation and Conveying Pty Ltd also offers a range of conveying systems and other products including:

* Pallet dispensing systems.

* Plastic pallets and packaging.

* Pneumatic and auger bagging machines.

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