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IBS Australia’s new supply chain management ERP software, ASW 5.50, is the latest release of its specialised business software suite with a number of improvements.

Customer profitability is its central theme. The system helps customers improve supply chain communication, customer service, and process automation. The release includes improvements to the architecture and existing end user applications, as well as entirely new modules.

It features a newly enhanced user interface, offering greater efficiency of system operation and flexibility when dealing with customers. The Java-based interface can be customised to fit individual needs and preferences. This facilitates improved sales, order management, and customer service.

The business connector framework further improves communication between ASW and external systems. This allows the integration and automation of system-to-system business processes.

Automated workflow routines have been introduced, increasing the efficiency with which customer issues can be handled. They also provide decision support and drive reduced transaction processing costs. A new e-billing solution is included, complementing invoicing processes and delivering a streamlined flow of communication between users and their customers and suppliers.

IBS Business Intelligence is a new solution for managing and analysing enterprise performance and bringing information from different sources together. This includes industry standard performance metrics and benchmarks from the widely recognised SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) model. A key element is the ability to collect data from a number of different sources, not just from within one ERP system. The entire supply chain can be monitored, including internal and external parts that use different systems.

ASW 5.50 also includes a fast and effective tool for program-to-program integration. The integration tooling reduces costs of individual business relationships and increases revenue potential by enabling new trading arrangements that would not be possible by traditional means.

IBS offers the ability to deliver process-based integration solutions that are fast to deploy, simple to maintain, and easy to change – without being dependent on an application or operational platform.

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