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High performance reliability of German engineering, intelligent TUBEPRESS® from IBEX Australia offers a unique and cost effective Stainless Steel piping solution.

Long product life and flexible adaptability, TUBEPRESS® is easily installed and altered for future projects for a lifelong investment solution.

The Tubepress Stainless Steel piping system is available from 15mm to 168mm

Environmental with reduced energy costs and expenses on installation, TUBEPRESS® is suitable for a diverse range of applications including:

  • Petroleum (fuels, oils)
  • Fluids (both hot and cold water systems, fire and sprinkler installations)
  • Compressed air and gases (natural, fuel, technical)
  • Chemical and industrial (pump and brine lines, vacuum piping)
  • Solar and electrical conduits
Innovative O-ring connection with unique double sided design for strength and integrity
  • Durable construction that is rust and corrosion resistant for long lasting reliability
  • High performance 40 bar rating for high pressure capability
  • Temperature resilient of up to 200˚C and temporary instances of up to 280˚C
Intelligent passive layer ensures no harmful oxides are developed to affect water quality
  • Uniform joints eliminates the need for any reworking
  • Quick and easy to install with straight forward 5 step process
  • Can be built in situ for easy pressing later
  • Fire sentry not required and no hot work permits needed, increasing productivity
Powerful rigid strength of a complete 3 level pressing
  • Diverse range of fittings to suit your requirements
  • Increased bore sizes for consistent flow rates
  • Safety certified with Watermark, Gas Approval Certificate and global EN10312 accreditation
Quality reassured, innovative TUBEPRESS® fittings are backed with a 30 year press tightness guarantee. IBEX Australia information and contact details


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