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Sit down reach truck – comfort and simple maintenance

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Hyundai Construction Equipment  has made available an ergonomic electric reach truck that is highly maneuverable in tight spaces, thus making it efficient for premises large and small.  

Distributed exclusively through the sales network of Flexilift Australia – which also has Flexilift articulated forklifts and Sellick rough terrain vehicles – the Hyundai BRJ-7 AC reach truck Series suits users with long duty cycles who demand power and comfort during operation.  

All units in the range have optimised power and performance with smooth running characteristics that blend well with efficiency and ergonomic aspects of design.  

An ideal arrangement of component parts ensures easy access to all areas of the reach truck, therefore a high level of convenience for maintenance.  

A large-capacity hydraulic system reacts quickly during operation and a low noise control valve increases both efficiency and durability.  

A minimal turning radius is facilitated by a compact design suitable for narrow aisle operation to guarantee work efficiency and maximise space utilisation.  

Automatic Centre Positioning is a safety feature that starts when the key is put in the ON position – a proximity switch detects the position of the drive wheel and this wheel automatically turns to the centre position automatically.  

The BRJ-7 AC reach truck’s Forward/Reverse control provides the operator with precise and smooth directional control. Multi-roller reach assembly provides for a smooth, controlled and safe load handling system, while extended reach allows high versatility.  

Electro-Magnetic Brake

Increased brake torque and brake stability is provided by an electromagnetic load wheel brake. A high technology ZAPI Controller gives efficient, almost noiseless, 8Khz (high frequency) controller and smooth operation and protection for low and high voltage overheating and fault recording.  

An efficient AC motor (for drive and pump) provides reliability and an optimised motor design means low noise levels. A temperature sensor ensures long motor life.  

For comfortable operation, a design based on human engineering relieves fatigue and increases operator's efficiency. A steering control coupled with Hyundai’s electric power steering control gives the operator exceptionally smooth and controlled steering for tight spaces.  

Proportional Fingertip Control means that minimal operator effort is required for precise, safe and productive control. The reach truck operator can control the machine very easily at fingertip.  

A camera installed on fork side provides the reach truck operator with excellent visibility. The operator is also able to work with increased safety and accuracy due to a wider mast view.  

A practically designed full suspension seat is fully adjustable for optimum operating position, adding to the reduction of operator fatigue.  

Each reach truck in the range also has a self-diagnostic LCD Monitor with a back-light system to provide a clear view of the system’s operation in all environments. The monitor provides information about operation error, system fault, battery level, hour meter plus other various functions.  

Additional storage spaces, such as a cup holder, console box and storage space are located inside the operating space for operator’s convenience.   The safety overhead guard is very strong and meets EEC and ANSI regulations and protects the operator during hazardous work.  

A large and soft cushioned headrest pad is positioned for operator’s safety and comfort. A heavy, vibration dampening, non-slip floor mat reduces operator fatigue and allows for increased productivity.  

Smoother breaking is assured by a balanced design of the pedal and maintenance costs are lowered as the cover is easily replaceable. 

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