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Hyundai Construction launches new hydraulic hammers

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article image The new Furukawa FXJ series hydraulic hammer will be launched in Australia by Hyundai Construction Equipment

Hyundai Construction Equipment announces the launch of the Furukawa FXJ series hydraulic hammers in Australia.

Featuring a completely new design that makes it more compact, more durable and stronger, the Furukawa FXJ series breakers are expected to be a game-changer in the Australian hydraulic hammer market.

Hyundai’s Light Construction Market Development Specialist John Peagram explains that the Australian market has long recognised the quality and innovation of Furukawa breakers. The new range takes it up a notch with its advanced technology offering benefits such as more breaking power, lower noise and vibration, less stress and wear for the carrier equipment, long breaker life and lower maintenance costs.

The new generation Furukawa FXJ eliminates the separate cylinder, front head and through-bolts in the design, reducing the number of parts and their associated maintenance while delivering greater strength. The mono-block design is lighter than the previous model, and delivers higher impact energy, resulting in an increased power to weight ratio.

Key features of Furukawa FXJ series hydraulic hammers include a new semi-automatic grease type damper system consisting of a large volume top damper to reduce noise and vibration; new technology automatically adjusting the system to correct tolerances instead of manual adjustments via external screws; patent-pending three-point dust control system combining a clean air intake system, a replaceable dust wall and a toothed dust trap design preventing the entry of dust into the hammer; new piston design increasing the contact area between the piston and the impact surface of the rod to increase power output; new greasing system evenly distributing grease to the thrust bushing, front bushing and rod pins; and new valve design decreasing resistance and heat build-up in the hydraulic fluid for improved efficiency.

The Furukawa FXJ hydraulic hammer range includes four models and suits excavators from 12 to 55 tonnes operating weight.

The Furukawa FXJ is backed by Hyundai’s leading parts and support network.

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