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Hystandard Handling Equipment provides container handling services

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Hystandard Handling Equipment is dealing with container handling. The Hyster container handling range covers from empty 20’ to fully loaded over height container handling.

The Hyster H50.00XM – 16 CH forklift fitted with a fully hydraulic over height spreader frame has the ability to drop down two purpose built arms at each end of the attachment, extending the twist locks a further 1600mm and offering the ultimate in container handling. This allows the twist locks to get past the over height cargo and secure the container safely for lifting and stacking.

When not in use the legs hydraulically retract and are folded such that the unit can be used for standard container handling.

The resolution of this over height cargo issue is typical of how Hyster can supply forklift trucks with innovative features and benefits, not only for container handling but for all applications.

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