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Starters for single phase motors provided by Hyper Engineering

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Hyper Engineering  provides various electrical components which include starters for single phase motors, electrical equipment, power electronics, light flickers, single phase motors, cables and so on. Hyper Engineering provides Hyperstart 2000 which is a soft starter for single phase motors.

Hyper Engineering provides Hyperstart 2000 soft starter which helps to provide the dramatic reduction in the starting currents of oscillograms for the same motor, without increasing the starting time. Under normal conditions, the DOL current is 85Arms but it reduces to 30Arms when started by using the Hyperstart soft starter. The lower curves show the impact of both systems on the local supply network. The DOL imposes a falling voltage reduction of 11.7 percent at the point of common connection and the 5 percent reduction is the maximum limit allowed. The motor when fitted with the Hyper Engineering’s Hyperstart records a fall of only 4 percent in the voltage.

The Hyperstart soft starter supplied by Hyper Engineering complies with 45amp limit and EMC requirements. Hyper Engineering’s Hyperstart can be supplied to introduce an anti-cycle delay and is integrated with many features which include random power up delay, more tolerant of poor quality power supplies, internal shutdown protection for motor and soft-starter, starting current has close to unity power factor and so on.

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