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Light flicker measurement instruments supplied by Hyper Engineering

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Hyper Engineering  is a provider of range of electrical equipment. Some of the electrical equipment supplied by Hyper Engineering include light flicker measurement instruments, starters for single phase motors, electrical equipment, power electronics, single phase motors, cables and so on. Hyper Engineering supplies flicker meters which helps to measure the various parameters of fluctuations caused in the light.

There are various parameters to calculate the fluctuation in the light but the two most important parameters are RMS voltage dip and duration. Hyper Engineering provides flicker meters which help to gauge the RMS voltage dip and duration parameters in the voltage.

Hyper Engineering also suggests that it is the voltage sag at the meter box (PoCC or Point of Common Connection ) which influences other local loads when the air-conditioner has its own dedicated circuit. Thus the voltage sag experienced by other circuits connected to the meter box (lighting in particular) is not the same as experienced by the air-conditioner. The sag at the air-conditioner is often much higher due to the additional run of cable. The flicker meters provided by Hyper Engineering also measures line impedance and motor starting currents.

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