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WOLPERT Micro Vickers tester 402-MVD from Hylec Controls

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The Series 400 Vickers and Knoop testers, available from Hylec Controls are versatile, user-friendly, and provide an affordable, reliable solution for accurate Vickers and Knoop hardness scale testing, both for quality assurance or metallurgical research. The 400 Series is available with manual or automatic turrets and comes equipped with crisp optics that have a total magnification of 100x and 400x for micro hardness and 100x and 200x for macro Vickers readings. The systems feature eight dial selectable test forces ranging from 10g to 50kg.

For easy sample mounting, models are equipped with a 100x100mm precision XY stage with 25mm movement in each direction. Features of the testers include:

  • Automatic turret
  • HV2 kg load (exchangeable) 
  • Measuring microscope with digital encoder reading
  • Easy operating system 
  • Fully automatic load control 
  • Hardness computation and statistics on LCD
  • Integral printer
  • Two optical paths 
  • XY-stage with minimum reading of 0.01 mm

Applications of Series 400 Vickers and Knoop testers:

  • steels, nonferrous metals, IC wafer
  • Thin plastic, metallic foils, plating, coating, surface layers, thin ceramic coatings, laminated metals 
  • Effect of heat treatment and depths of carburized layer and flame or induction hardened layer  

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