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The Videoextensometer ME46 from Hylec Controls

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Hylec Controls presents the Videoextensometer ME46 with the ability to perform contactless measurement strains while offering the possibility for the user to watch the test cycles on the screen. The images on the screen can also be recorded as an image sequence to be evaluated again.

The Videoextensometer ME46 is a low maintenance measurement equipment that enables the measuring of “difficult” materials, such as tin foils and highly volatile products.

The Videoextensometer ME46 measures the material up to its breaking point.  Additionally, the measurement testing equipment can be used together with temperature chambers. 

Features of the Videoextensometer ME46:

  • Strain measurement at special materials (Safety belts, ropes of steel, ropes of rubber, thin wires, and many more)
  • Watching the specimen through a glass of  a temperature chamber
  • Freely choice of the gauge length
  • Optional: Detection of transversal strain,  poisson ration (limited to class 1 measurement) and plastical anisotropy
  • Optional: automatic search and measurement of necking and detection of the true stress
The Videoextensometer ME46, available from Hylec Controls, has been used for over 600 applications worldwide.

For more information, visit the Hylec Controls website.

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