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Qualimax Hardness and Depth Hardness Testing Equipment from Hylec Controls

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Hylec Controls  offers the Qualimax range of hardness and depth hardness testing equipment.

Qualimax equipment is used for the evaluation of surface hardness and effective hardening depth within seconds.

Qualimax is used to measure not only the hardness value but also the depth of a hardened layer. This is done on the basis of the electromagnetic KEMAG method (in line with VDI/VDE Guideline 2616).

As a result, the user obtains the hardness value and the depth of the hardened layer within seconds, using a comparison method. 

Technical features of Qualimax equipment:

  • Non-destructive determination of hardness and hardening depth
  • Designed for use on ferromagnetic materials and cast iron
  • Portable equipment
  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Operates according to traditional hardness testing method

Key advantages  

Simple measuring process  

Qualimax equipment facilitates simple operations including calling up the deposited measuring program, placing the small probe-head on the work piece or starting the measuring program.  

The emitted and received impulses are evaluated and converted to the desired values within a fraction of a second (HR, HV, HB, Eht, N/mm² etc.) and indicated on the display.  

Fast creation of measuring programs  

The measuring programs involve a one-time system calibration with the distinctive data of a reference work piece. The measuring programs can be called up easily via a system-resident database.  

Suitability for a broad range of different work piece profiles  

Qualimax is suitable for use on various carbon steel and cast iron materials.  


Qualimax operates within an accuracy range that totally equals one of conventional Vickers hardness testers.


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