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The Ocean One systems, available from Hylec Controls , are dedicated hardware and software systems designed to implement the Durability Transfer Concept, a method of measure of the strain developed in various locations of vehicles as a result of acceleration or deceleration.

The Ocean (Online Counting and Evaluation Systems) recorders from SWIFT provide the online system for the long term measurement of forces on the under-carriage and the storage and analysis of measured data. The data loggers, which have been specifically developed for this purpose, perform online data reduction using virtual channels and a Rainflow Matrix over virtually unlimited durations. Data is analyzed  to identify wheel loads, stresses and cutting loads at various locations of the vehicle.

The Ocean recorders include a hardware anti-aliasing filter of greater than 50 Hz, and are capable of measuring 1000 samples per sec per channel in 5 frequency bands and to resolve the data into 15 virtual Rainflow channels

The operating voltage of Ocean recorders is between 9 – 30 VDC, which can normally be extracted from the on-board power supply. Their small dimensions of 11 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm and the option of transferring data via mobile link allows the deployment in the smallest or most un-accessible of vehicles.

The Ocean One Recorders considerably reduce the efforts and costs related to long-term measurements as data from only one 3-D accelerometer are necessary.

Technical Features of the Ocean One Recorders:

•    connection of external three-dimensional acceleration sensor
•    1 extra channel, e.g. for driving torque
•    CAN channels, e.g. for the speed
•    50 Hz antialiasing filter
•    1000 samples/sec per channel
•    5 frequency bands
•    1 real and 15 vitual Rainflow channels
•    2D Time at Level Counting (TaL)
•    9 - 30 VDC power supply
•    small sized (11cm x 9cm x 6cm)
•    optional: wireless data transfer

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