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Nanovea 3D non-contact profilometers available from Hylec Controls

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Hylec Controls  presents Nanovea 3D non-contact profilometers designed with leading edge optical pens using superior white light axial chromatism.  

Nanovea 3D non-contact profilometers are capable of obtaining nano through macro range during ISO and ASTM compliant measurement of profile dimension, roughness finish texture, shape form topography, flatness warpage planarity, volume area and step-height depth thickness among other parameters on a wider range of geometries and materials.  

Nanovea 3D non-contact profilometers precisely measure an endless range of applications using multiple optical pens.  

Nanovea optical pens have zero influence from sample reflectivity and also have advanced ability to measure high surface angles. Variations require no sample preparation. The profilometers can be used to easily measure transparent, opaque, specular, diffusive, polished or rough materials.  

Nanovea profilometers can be built with custom size, speeds, scanning capabilities, Class 1 Clean Room compliance, with indexing conveyor and for inline or online integration as well as with true portability.  

Key features of Nanovea 3D non-contact profilometers:  

  • Large surface areas can be precisely measured without any imaging stitching
  • AFM integration available to maximise measurement range for applications exceeding profilometer capability
  • All models use the same software
  • Nanovea PR Vision is optional on most units for auto pattern recognition
  • Speeds range from 7mm/s to 1m/s for laboratory or research to meet the needs of high-speed inspection on large surface areas

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