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MT 500 REMET Mineralogical Sample Cutting Chamber from Hylec Controls

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The MT 500 REMET mineralogical sample cutting chamber from Hylec Controls is designed for the petrographer and lapidarist to cut large preliminary mineralogical samples.  

MT 500 mineralogical sample cutting chamber consists of a sturdy stainless steel body with a protective polycarbonate front cover. The floor stand base structure incorporates a stainless steel bowl.  

The precise drive mechanism traversing manually in longitudinal and transverse directions to obtain slices carries the sample securely using a proven petrographic quick release clamping system.  

The coolant circuit as well as water filtration are connected to the machine directly and interlocked with the diamond cutting wheels motor automatically, providing a jet of water on the sides of the wheel while a shower on the bottom of the machine cleans and rinses the interior walls.  

A metal grid grate holds more coarse residues, while the water falls into the drip tray underneath to flow into the drain of the laboratory or be recycled.  

The mineralogical sample cutting chamber is equipped with a manually operated gun for cleaning.  

The machine is designed to ensure maximum operational safety with features such as:

  • Watertight cabinet
  • Panel powered by low voltage (24V)
  • Casing opens only on complete stop of the wheel
  • Inside lamp allows the user control of all stages of cutting
  • Trimmer, wheel housing and durable polycarbonate cover are robustly constructed to ensure operator safety

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