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L.A.B shock test machines now available from Hylec Controls

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article image L.A.B shock test machines comply with a range of internationally recognised test standards
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Hylec Controls now stocks L.A.B shock test machines, which are used to produce controlled, reproducible and accurate drop impact tests.

Finding use in the design of rugged products and cost effective protective shipping packages, these shock test machines produce half-sine, sawtooth, and square wave pulses, as well as other specified test requirements.

To ensure it has no resonant frequencies within the machine’s operating range, each carriage on these shock machines is a large, solid aluminium casing that is machined to precision flatness. This ensures that resulting shock pulses are clean, and do not require over-filtering.

When in operation, specimens are firmly anchored to the mounting surface of L.A.B shock test machines, which is equipped with numerous tapped holes machined to close tolerances.

Rebound brakes are also provided with these systems, which incorporate a fail-safe design that requires no auxiliary air or electrical services. These brakes arrest the carriage after rebound, preventing secondary impacts.

Full safety guards are standard with all L.A.B shock test machines. These expanded sheet metal safety enclosures surround the hoist mechanism and the carriage falling zone. Opening the electrically interlocked enclosure door will interrupt hoist operation.

L.A.B shock test machines also comply with ISTA, ASTM, ISO and other internationally recognized test standards

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