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Jolting Tables from Hylec Controls for Building Materials Testing

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Jolting tables from Hylec Controls are a line of building materials test machines designed to meet EN 196-1 and ASTM C-348 standards.  

Jolting tables are available with optional soundproofing hood for 40mm x 40.1mm x 160mm cement mortar specimens.  

Designed for building materials testing applications, jolting tables consist of a rectangular table connected by two lightweight arms to a rotating shaft located 800mm from the middle of the table.    

A round-headed power hammer attached to the middle underside of this table rests on a flat-topped anvil. When the power hammer is resting on the anvil, the upper side of the jolting table is completely horizontal.  

The attachment system consists of two articulated joint studs of rapid action, and attaches the mould and hopper to the table.  

The table (including the arms), empty mould, hopper and studs have a total weight of 20.0±0.5kg.  

The rotating shaft is equipped with ball bearings, and is dust-proof and moisture-proof. When the jolting table is moving, the table is lifted by a cam driven by an electric motor with a speed reducer, and falls from a height of 15.0±0.3mm between the power hammer and the anvil.  

The cam moves at a constant 60 rpm speed, ensuring the number of drops per minute as specified by the standards.  

The jolting table’s bearing plates must be attached to the ground at the same level as the concrete base plate with anchoring bolts.  

A thin layer of mortar must be placed between the plates and the base plate to ensure full, vibration-free contact.

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