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Infratest Fall Cone Penetrometer from Hylec Controls

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When operated in accordance to BS 1377-2, 1924-2, EN DD ENV1997-2, users of the fall cone penetrometer available from Hylec Controls can quickly measure physical sediment character and bottom dynamics such as erosion, transportation, accumulation.  

The fall cone penetrometer offers a simple and accurate method for determining the un-drained shear strength and the sensitivity of both undisturbed and re-moulded clays. The relationship between the depth of penetration of the fall cone and the un-drained shear strength has been determined after many years of research. The fall cone penetrometer can also be used to calculate liquid limits.  

This model of fall cone penetrometer (10-1480) features a base frame with a measuring arm that is adjustable in height by means of a threaded spindle. The measuring scale is 20 x 1mm and the plunger weighting is 28 grams. Also included is a control module to release the plunger after preset time period. 

Four different fall cone penetrometers are available: 

  • 60 gram, 60 deg profile        
  • 80 gram, 30 deg profile    
  • 100gram,30 deg profile      
  • 400gram,30 deg profile 
Infratest Fall Cone Penetrometers have a voltage of 230V 50 Hz.

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