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Hylec releases new HALT and HASS chambers

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Hylec Controls introduces the CSZ HALT/HASS chambers designed to create the conditions required to identify weaknesses during product design and manufacturing cycles.

The CSZ HALT/HASS testing chambers provide extreme temperature change rates and multi-axis vibration conditions during the product design and manufacturing cycles to reduce the time normally required to identify design and process weaknesses.

HALT testing

HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) techniques help detect the weak links inherent to the design and fabrication processes of a new product, and then improve these weak links in the product during the design phase.

A HALT test mainly consists of hot and cold temperature steps; rapid thermal cycles; vibration steps; and combined environmental stress (vibration, thermal cycles).

HASS testing

HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) techniques are incorporated during the production phase to find manufacturing process defects that could cause product failures in the field. Using accelerated stresses (beyond product specifications and as determined appropriate by earlier HALT testing) to detect product defects in manufacturing production screens, a HASS implementation allows these defects to be corrected prior to customer shipment.

HALT and HASS testing techniques are currently in use by many major manufacturing organisations across electronics, computer, defence, automotive and medical segments among others, to improve product reliability.

Key testing benefits of HALT/HASS techniques include reduced product development and design time; assured product quality and reliability; enhanced customer confidence; reduced warranty costs; and increased profitability.

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