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Hylec Controls offers compact Himmelstein bearingless torque transducers

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article image Himmelstein bearingless torque transducers are accurate to within 0.05%
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Himmelstein bearingless torque transducers, available locally from Hylec Controls , feature a flange configuration, making them ideal for applications with limited space.

As distinct from similar competitive offerings, Hylec notes that these torque transducers can accommodate large misalignments between the rotor and stator, and tolerate mating metal components in close proximity.

They also feature high mechanical overload and electrical over-range, eliminating the need to compromise accuracy for safety.

Additional features of Himmelstein bearingless torque transducers include:

  • 0.05% accuracy
  • 200% and 400% overload
  • analogue output
  • digital output with temperature
  • FM output
  • 10 units of measure
  • 11 Bessel data filters
  • max/min’s updated at 20kHz
  • zero velocity pickup option
  • an extremely stiff torsional element; and
  • high dynamic response with 3kHz bandwidth.

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