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Dual-purpose RC-Series remote conditioners by Hylec Controls

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The dual-purpose RC-Series remote conditioners, available from Hylec Controls , are designed to either deliver temperature-conditioned air to remote sites or operate as completely independent, self-contained temperature chambers and/or humidity test chambers.

With the RC-Series you can temperature condition moving devices in special fixtures that cannot be placed in conventional chambers; add equipment cooling air capability to existing AGREE vibration chambers; add boost or back-up heating and cooling to existing temperature test chambers; use as a temperature test chamber for steady state or temperature cycling profiles.

Consider purchasing your enclosure through CSZ. Our RH-Series remote hoods/enclosures provide an air tight seal for optimal performance and are designed to interface with your remote conditioner. All remote hoods and enclosures are manufactured per your requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • CSZ EZT-560i Touch Screen Controller is designed to save chamber programming and setup time. Comes standard with data logging, data file access via memory stick, Ethernet control and monitoring, alarm notification via email or phone text message, data file backup system, full system security and more.
  • RS-232/485 serial communications and Ethernet connectivity offer a selection of communications options 
  • EZ-Viewsoftware allows user to control and monitor up to 20 chambers from any location 
  • Dual-purpose chamber offers flexibility and a greater return on your investment 
  • Versatile design for use in a variety of applications 
  • Temperature condition moving devices in special fixtures that cannot be placed in conventional environmental chambers 
  • Fog-free viewing window and interior light makes viewing workspace hassle free 
  • Customizable to meet your specific test requirements 
  • Durable chamber construction for dependability and longer life 
  • Energy savings provided through a bi- modal heating and cooling system that saves energy and eliminates the need to override the cooling system with an excessively large heating system 
  • Chamber construction provides customers with the flexibility to incorporate both left and right side ports in addition to ports in the top of the chamber for easy integration with your test device 
  • Fully welded ports and shelf pilasters eliminate potential leaks, increasing the life of your chamber 
  • Humidity water filtration system is included to filter impurities and protect your chamber interior 
  • An electronic humidity sensor is used on all humidity models for accuracy and minimal maintenance

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