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Digital Readout Density Column, brought to you by Hylec Controls .

The gradient column method accurately measures the density of small solid materials, in various forms, Pellets, Granules, film etc..and conforms to the ASTM D1505 & ISO 1183 Method D standards.

The density is formed by mixing two fluids having different densities. The resulting solution has a density which when introduced into the column increases uniformly from top to bottom.

Ray-Ran's new advancement means that density measurements can be made more quickly and more accurately.

The height of the calibrated marker floats or samples introduced into the density gradient are measured using a trammel guided "sight" connected to a positional encoder relaying the height position to a microprocessor so that the density can be obtained without the need for graphs etc.

This also means that the Gradient can be calibrated & checked at any time.

Standard features include.
Microprocessor System to accurately calculate the Density of the Sample. Twin conical flask pumped filling apparatus with motorised magnetic stirrer, Automatic column clearing device - sweep basket arrested automatically at top and bottom of column and pivoted for use over any of the 3 columns, Digital Temperature Controller accurate to +/- 0.1 °C, RS232 output, Built-in cooling coil, black or white twin background to assist sighting different colour samples, Microprocessor Auto Calibration System, Fully traceable certificate of calibration, Product user manual, CE mark of conformity

Optional accessories available.
Microprocessor Controlled Filling System, Water chiller unit, glass marker floats, Thermal printer

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