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Digital controller for servohydraulic testing

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THE SmarTEST ONE multi-channel digital controller, available from Hylec Controls , is capable of controlling up to four servo actuators under either force or position control.

This 16-bit controller has various control algorithms including PIDF, plus programmable signal conditioning for LVDT, load cell and voltage output transducers, and includes a multi-channel VGA colour display and IGB hard disk for data storage.

The controller is set up via front panel push buttons and an encoder knob or with PS2 keyboard for data input and PC for down loading simulation waveforms or block programs, etc.

Also included is a function generator for dynamic testing with sine, square, ramp, rounded ramp, block programming, optional random waveform, and peak adaption to maintain waveform between limits.

It is also a fully featured controller for static testing with bumpless mode switching and soft start and stop.

It has the ability to run under position control between force limits which is useful for systems with backlash or for testing elastomeric products.

Limit detectors can be programmed for shut-down in the event of large error, upper limits being exceeded or lower limits not being reached.

These controllers can also be paralleled, using a fibre optic link, for multi axis test rigs. More than 1,000 channels are in service in aircraft test rigs and component test systems.

The controller provides all the latest features needed for the fatigue testing of automotive components in a cost-effective manner.

Hylec has demo units available for customer evaluation.

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