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Digital Blaine Permeability AUTOBLAINEPLUS apparatus from Hylec Controls

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The digital Blaine apparatus available from Hylec Controls is used to determine cement fineness in terms of specific surface in cm²g-1 or m²kg-1. The system can also be used to test other powdery products.

In the fineness test conducted on the digital Blaine Permeability AUTOBLAINEPLUS apparatus, the cement is compressed under conditions defined by standard, taking a certain amount of air through the powder compacted.

The resistance to air flow is directly proportional to the fineness of grain, as long as the same testing conditions are followed.

The determination of specific surface serves to control the uniformity of the milling process in the cement plant, but can also be applied to control the particle size of other powder materials.  

The digital Blaine Permeability AUTOBLAINEPLUS model is manufactured according to specifications of the following standards:  

  • EN196-6 Methods of testing cement: Determination of fineness
  • Standard Test Methods for Fineness of Hydraulic Cement by Air Permeability Apparatus

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