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CUBE vibration testing system available from Hylec Controls

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Team Corporation offer an advanced technology hydraulic test system called the CUBE vibration testing system. This vibration testing system offers 6 Degrees of Control and can accurately replicate any vibration environment, including high frequencies with precise digital control.

The CUBE vibration testing system, available from Hylec Controls , simulates real-world 6 Degree of Freedom vibration with complete, simultaneous control of the amplitude and phase of all 6 Degrees of Freedom. Offering simultaneous or sequential excitation of test articles in Sine, Random and Time Wave Form Replication, the CUBE vibration testing system is suitable for multi-axis vibration testing.

Following are the features of the CUBE vibration testing system:

  • Frequency 0 to 250Hz
  • Force ratings up to 62 kN
  • Single axis to 6 axis vibration
  • Displacements up to 100mm (vertical)
  • Quiet - fully enclosed mechanism
  • Compact - 1.2m x 1.2m
  • Friction-free hydrostatic bearings
  • Use up to 5 test surfaces simultaneously
  • Man-rated systems available
  • Good replication of measured data to higher frequencies
  • Fluid film bearings assure long life and low maintenance
  • Small footprint allows more systems to be put into the lab
  • Head expanders increase the mounting surface

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