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CAESAR DataSystems’ Dx telemetry system available from Hylec Controls

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CAESAR DataSystems’ Dx new telemetry system, available from Hylec Controls , is a highly integrated and extremely miniaturised microprocessor package, which allows accurate measurements to be taken from rotating components.

Previous technology used relatively complex, bulky, measuring systems. The new fully digital model Dx telemetry from CAESAR DataSystems makes this technology available for the measurement of torque on drive shafts and other rotating components.

The extremely small size of the shaft installed mini-telemetry unit allows for virtually unrestricted operation in confined spaces (44 x 22 mm).

Only one telemetry rotor module is required to transmit up to four discrete signals – two Strain-bridge, one voltage and one temperature. In addition, as reference, the ambient temperature at the measuring point is also sent.

The sample rate per channel is up to 5kHz. Excitation voltage is inductively coupled to the rotating shaft; this allows long term battery free operation, for short term testing (10 hours) battery power maybe used.

A Dx-receiving station can synchronise several independent transmitters operating in parallel. All signals are received through telemetry simultaneously and buffered for further transfer. This allows four separate systems to operate simultaneously on the same vehicle while monitoring the torques on all four drive axles synchronously. More complex measuring tasks can be preformed using several systems in a cascaded arrangement.

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