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Hylec Controls specialise in material, dynamic and multi channel testing equipment, servo-actuators and systems, electric and hydraulic shakers, package testing, environmental chambers and production leak testing.


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30/11/18 - Typical limitations in seals have been overcome thanks to recent developments in elastomers and the ability to make a two-part seal.
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19/11/18 - Hardness testing instruments have been in use for more than a century to measure the strength of metallic materials and hardness of their surface finish.
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8 Melissa St
NSW 2144
Tel: 02 9645 4777
Fax: 02 9645 3480

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Acra Control Actuator Control Systems Arctest Caesar Cats3 CEI/DOVER Cincinnati Subzero Dettki DS Europe EMG Wendenerhutte FCS Control Systems Form+Test GTM Gassmann Himmelstein Infranet INOVA Intertech LAB Equipment Marui Messphysik Quartzdyne RDP Electronics Roell Amsler Shimmelstein Singleton Star Hydraulics Strainsert Swift Team Unholtz Dickie Velos Mess Systeme VTS

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