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RoadTrain Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants from Hydroflux


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RoadTrain Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants by Hydroflux Epco have been in operation since the 1960’s. They are designed to operate with a minimum level of site attendance and are ideally suited to remote locations.

Roadtrain® packaged plants are available for Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Process; Rotating Biological Contactor; Membrane Bioreactor dependant on available footprint, site location and discharge requirements.

RoadTrain® packaged plants can be used for the treatment of sewage for small towns, villages, resorts, mine sites or gas exploration fields. It is ideal for remote locations where there is limited process and mechanical support. RoadTrain® has been designed to provide both a robust process and mechanical design.

Also, as a prefabricated system that is simply bolted to a concrete slab the costs associated with civil construction and site installation is greatly reduced.

Key features of the Roadtrain® packaged plants are:

  • extensive expertise with specific designs for remote locations
  • robust construction, proven throughout Australia, the Middle East, Pacific Islands and South East Asia
  • unattended operation
  • high discharge water quality (options for Class A reuse)
  • special bolted designs for very remote locations
  • easily shipped to anywhere in the world
  • remote monitoring available with HyConnect®

RoadTrain® systems design can be rectangular, circular or rotating biological contactor. The rectangular design has simple onsite installation. The circular design has high capacities of up to 5000 equivalent persons (EP) and simple bolted connection onsite. The rotating biological contactor design is ideally suited for unattended sites in remote locations and has low operating costs.

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