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YSI 600XL and 600XLM Sondes from HydroTerra

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The YSI 600XL and 600XLM multiparameter loggers from HydroTerra Pty Ltd offer low-cost logging in surface water and groundwater applications.

Designed as a compact package, these multiparameter loggers can easily fit into 2-inch wells and are used for oxygen measurement as well as level measurement among many other parameters, employing a highly accurate vented sensor.

Parameters available for the 600XLM sondes include dissolved oxygen (polarographic), temperature, conductivity, salinity, specific conductance, depth or shallow vented level, pH, ORP and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

Connect with Data Collection Platforms

Both sondes can easily connect to the YSI 6200 DAS (Data Acquisition System), YSI EcoNet or any data collection platform via SDI-12 for remote and real-time data acquisition applications.  

Economical Logging System

The YSI 600XLM is an economical data logging system designed for long-term in-situ monitoring and profiling requirements.  

These data loggers are capable of logging all parameters at programmable intervals and can store up to 150,000 readings. Programmed at one-hour intervals, the instrument can log data for about 75 days utilising its own power source.  

The 600XL can also be utilised in the same manner with user-supplied external power.  

Key features

  • Both sondes fit down 2-inch wells
  • Horizontal measurements in very shallow waters
  • Stirring-independent Rapid Pulse dissolved oxygen sensor
  • Field-replaceable sensors
  • Easily connects to data collection platforms
  • Available with detachable cables to measure depth up to 200 feet
  • Compatible with YSI 650 Multiparameter Display System
  • Used with the YSI 5083 flow cell for groundwater applications

The 6820 V2 and 6920 V2 sondes use sensor technology that was verified through the US EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV).

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