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HydroTerra Pty Ltd  offers the Spill Buddy and Spill Buddy Pro, two portable product skimming systems used in groundwater monitoring and remediation applications.

Spill Buddy consists of a compact-sized manually operated floating petroleum product pump (LNAPL) fitted with sensors to determine the product-water interface.

The Spill Buddy can also be used to remove heavier-than-water DNAPL contaminants.

Operation of the Spill Buddy

The Spill Buddy Pro combines the manually operated 12-volt pump with an interface probe. This system is used to measure the ‘depth-to-product’ and ‘depth-to-water’ levels in test wells.

The measuring tape and audible feedback allow the user to determine the thickness of the product layer. The operator pumps the product from the well by activating a small switch located on the reel assembly. The pumped product is discharged through a hose fixed on the back of the reel assembly into a collection container.

Use of the Spill Buddy and Spill Buddy Pro systems is relatively cost-effective, when compared to the traditional method of product recovery from groundwater monitoring wells using a hand-bailing device.  

Hand-bailing is also very time-consuming whereas use of the Spill Buddy and Spill Buddy Pro to remove free phase contamination from groundwater monitoring wells is fast and convenient.

The probe easily fits into wells as small as 2 inches in diameter and can skim up to 0.7 gallons of product per minute.

The Spill Buddy units also have a self-contained battery rechargeable from a 12 V DC source or a wall transformer provided with the unit. The units can operate for up to one hour of continuous pumping (or about 40 gallons) per charge.

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