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Silex SI-BS Belt Skimmers from HydroTerra Pty Ltd

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article image Silex E-Belt Skimmer for High Viscosity Products

HydroTerra Pty Ltd  offers a range of belt skimmers specifically designed for highly viscous product layers.

Silex SI-BS belt skimmers are designed to remove products with kinematic viscosities in the 100-350 cSt range.

Designed robustly with simple, user-friendly operation, these belt skimmers can be installed in 2-inch or greater diameter bores and piezometers down to a maximum depth of 35 metres.

The continuous belt captures product as it runs through the hydrocarbon layer. At the surface of the bore, two wiper blades discharge the product into a small tank from which it is transferred via gravity to a drum for storage and disposal.

This simple belt skimmer system can achieve flow rates of up to 45 litres per hour depending on the viscosity of the product.

The belt is suspended with a counterweight and tail pulley to provide continuous free movement and ensure alignment of the equipment. The percentage of water removed with the oil is less than 5% of the volume of hydrocarbon.

The belt skimmers come standard with an electric motor, but can be specified with a pneumatic motor for ATEX (explosion-proof) applications.

Key features:

  • Designed for viscosities of 100 - 350 cSt
  • Can be deployed in 2-inch bores and piezometers  
  • Flow rate of 45 litres per hour depending on product viscosity  
  • Standard electric motor; pneumatic drive available on request

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