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ProHydro Snap Samplers available from HydroTerra for Passive Groundwater Sampling

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HydroTerra Pty Ltd  supplies a range of high quality environmental monitoring, sampling, remediation and telemetry solutions for water and soil applications.  

Snap sampling is a passive, equilibrated grab sampling method for groundwater sampling applications. ProHydro snap samplers are deployed in advance and allowed to equilibrate with the well or aquifer system.  

Sampling is done by simply pulling the well-head trigger to close the snap sample bottles in situ, which avoids sample exposure during transit. The sealed sample bottles are retrieved and sent to the lab.  

Preparation for the next sampling event involves setting new bottles in the snap samplers and reinserting the samplers back in the well.  

Key Advantages of Snap Samplers

  • Snap samplers allow sampling in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the equipment needed for purge sampling
  • Dedicated equipment cost can be recouped in as few as 2 or 3 monitoring events
  • No generators, compressed gases, batteries or fuels are needed to drive the sampling process
  • Fixed sampling depth and sampler equilibration results in a consistent sampling protocol
  • Consistency reduces sample variation, resulting in earlier detection of results of remedial action or natural attenuation to satisfy regulators
  • No purge waste or extra sample waste generated during sampling, eliminating heavy drum handling and wastewater disposal cost
  • Dedicated snap samplers are redeployed in the well they are retrieved from, reducing extensive decontamination
  • Only solid waste such as PPE is generated during the sampling process
  • Snap samplers are stored in the well, therefore the equipment does not have to be stored between sampling events or located in advance of the next monitoring event

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