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Next Generation Solinst Levelogger Gold Water Level Dataloggers from Hydroterra

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Model 3001 Solinst Levelogger Gold from HydroTerra Pty Ltd represents the next generation of water level dataloggers.  

The Levelogger water level dataloggers are a range of water level and temperature recording devices.  

Offering significant improvements over the previous versions, the new Levelogger Gold line of water level dataloggers is completely designed, developed and manufactured in-house in the tradition of all high quality Solinst products.  

Key features of Levelogger water level dataloggers

  • Higher resolution and high accuracy of 0.05% for a much reduced price
  • Enhanced transducer, temperature and clock accuracy
  • Altitude, water density as well as improvements to temperature and barometric compensations also add to the increased accuracy and instrument stability
  • Zirconium Nitride coating resists corrosion
  • Combines a datalogger, 10-year battery, pressure transducer and temperature sensor in a small, minimal maintenance, 7/8" x 6” stainless steel housing
  • Sealed Faraday cage design greatly simplifies maintenance and provides protection against electrical spikes caused by lightning
  • High accuracy and long-term stability
  • Barologger provides the easiest and most accurate method of barometric compensation

Applications of Levelogger water level dataloggers

  • Pumping and slug tests
  • Watershed, drainage basin and recharge 
  • Stream gauging, lake levels and reservoirs
  • Harbour and tidal fluctuation monitoring
  • Wetlands and stormwater run-off monitoring
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Long-term water level monitoring in wells, surface water bodies and seawater environments

Levelogger Operation

  • Intuitive programming for ease of use
  • Levelogger time may be synchronised to the computer clock, Leveloader Gold clock or user defined time
  • Options for immediate start or a future start time
  • Battery life and free memory indication on the programming screen
  • Data can also be viewed, logged on demand and retrieved at any time using a Leveloader or portable computer

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